Green Ship not only performs design consulting services but also provides supervision consulting services. The goal of the Supervision Consultant is to improve the quality of the project during construction as well as to ensure that the project after construction meets the requirements of the approved design. The main functions and duties of the Supervision Consultant include:

Check the conditions for starting works and projects according to regulations;

Check the suitability of the contractor’s capacity with the bid documents and economic contracts signed with the investor, specifically: Checking of human resources, construction equipment, quality management system, permits use of machines, equipment, etc.

Check and monitor the quality of inputs, materials and equipment used for works and projects, including:

– Check the certificate of the Registry, the manufacturer’s quality certificate, the test results of the standard conformity laboratories and the equipment quality inspection results of the organizations approved by the state agency. having the authority to recognize materials and equipment before being put into installation for the project or work;

– Monitor the sampling process and check the test results of the construction organization (soil density test, sample casting, concrete strength test, weld quality, etc.)

– Make minutes of acceptance of construction materials, equipment components transported to the construction site in order to eliminate bad quality materials and materials, of unknown origin, not meeting the standards and conditions. technical conditions and do not allow their use without technical handling measures.

– Check the conformity of the list, specifications, types and features of materials, components, construction products, equipment to be put into use in the works prepared and submitted by the Contractor before construction. compared with approved design documents and applicable technical standards.

– Participating in quality and quantity inspection of technological equipment.

Inspection and supervision during the construction of projects and works, including:

– Check the construction methods of the construction contractor;

– Regularly and systematically inspect and supervise the entire process of construction contractors deploying jobs at the site.

– Monitor construction progress, monitor construction progress plan to carry out quality supervision in a timely manner.

– Preventing and warning of technical, quality and occupational safety violations of the construction unit, timely detecting design errors (including surveying, measuring documents…) and executing labour. Coordinating with the contractor’s technical staff to promptly detect errors and prevent non-conformance with designs, standards, construction technical processes, and quality commitments in the contract; verifying and verifying the work volumes reasonably arising due to objective circumstances according to the assigned tasks and competence (volume increase or decrease, change in material specifications, natural disasters…) as the basis for making the project additional accounting and settlement of projects and works.

– Solve or supervise the handling of quality problems of projects and works (if any) depending on the situation, specific requirements and assigned tasks.

– Gather and check documents serving the acceptance of completed each item or the entire project or work;

– Detect errors and unreasonable designs in the design and propose the investor to adjust the design;