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It is time to manage your on-board data, smarter.

Prioritise business critical bandwidth


Vessel operators and ship captains are increasingly aware of the progressive demand for dependable connectivity on-board to deliver crew welfare, critical connectivity and communication with shore side colleagues, friends and family.
Applications on personal devices can dominate bandwidth and networks can become quickly congested – making even critical communications a difficulty. Data hungry applications running in the background can consume valuable data and rack up new charges very quickly.

INTEGRA Control allows you to prioritise and preserve bandwidth for critical applications, in real-time. You will be able to see applications absorbing data and throttle this to release bandwidth for business-critical communications to take place exactly when you need it.

  • Throttle bandwidth at key times
  • Throttle bandwidth on specific applications
  • Set alerts when a data hungry application has consumed a pre-defined limit  
  • Preserve bandwidth for critical communications systems and reporting.

It is time to manage your on-board data, smarter.